Goa Trinamool Congress

About Grihalaxmi Card

Goa TMC launched a new scheme called Griha Laxmi, to provide assured monthly income support to every household. Under this scheme, a direct transfer of ₹5,000 per month (₹60,000 yearly) will be made to a woman of every household as guaranteed income support

Frequently Asked Questions

Griha Laxmi is a guaranteed income support scheme that will provide an assured monthly income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly) to a woman of every household.
1.Under the Griha Laxmi scheme every household will be provided with an unconditional income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly).
2.The amount will be directly transferred to a woman of the household.
3.This scheme is universal and does not discriminate against anyone.
With people’s blessings, as soon as TMC forms the government in Goa the scheme will be implemented.
Griha Aadhar already exists but has been a farce because:
a.The amount of ₹1500 is an insufficient income support given the rampant price rise.
b.The scheme covers only a fraction of the households
c.It suffers from inadequate fund allocation and operational complications
No, it will be an unconditional direct transfer.
The party will not be implementing the scheme. Upon people’s blessings, when the Goa TMC forms the government, the scheme will be implemented. Authorized Government officials will reach out to the beneficiaries based on the details provided now.