Griha Laxmi is a guaranteed income support scheme that will provide an assured monthly income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly) to a woman of every household.

1: Under the Griha Laxmi scheme every household will be provided with an unconditional income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly).
2: The amount will be directly transferred to a woman of the household.
3: This scheme is universal and does not discriminate against anyone.

If you do not have a bank account, you can still receive the benefit. Once Goa TMC forms the government, a government official will guide you through the process to receive funds, based on the details we collect now.

It is advised to keep the card safely. However, we have the Unique Identification Number (UID) of everyone registering through SMS or online confirmation, which can be used to reissue the card in the future.

Griha Laxmi is a scheme aimed at the prosperity of the household. Keeping in view the pivotal role played by a woman in the prosperity of ahousehold, the direct transfer will be made to the account of a woman of each household.

With people’s blessings, as soon as TMC forms the government in Goa the scheme will be implemented.

Griha Laxmi card will be registered on behalf of one woman member of every household. The process of registration is simple and is divided into three steps:
1: Fill up the form to register yourself.
2: Take the Smart Kit containing the Card with UID. The UID is a 11 digit alpha-numeric code printed on the bottom left corner on the front side of the card. (eg. GLC 1234 5678).
3: To authenticate the card and confirm the registration, SMS UID , Name from your number to 97620 97620. Great! Now you are a part of the Griha Laxmi Family.

No, you are not required to give any identification proof at the time of Registration.

No, any woman of a Goan household (1 per household) can be registered for the benefit, irrespective of the decision to join the Party. However, we are always open to welcome new members to our Party.

Griha Aadhar already exists but has been a farce because:
a. the amount of ₹1500 is an insufficient income support given the rampant price rise.
b. the scheme covers only a fraction of the households.
c. it suffers from inadequate fund allocation and operational complications

No, the stipulated amount will be given on a monthly basis. So every registered household will receive a direct transfer of ₹5,000 per month (amounting to ₹60,000 per year).

The eligibility criteria for the Griha Laxmi Card is very simple: One adult woman member from each household can register herself/ get registered by any family member on her behalf.

No, it will be an unconditional direct transfer.

The party will not be implementing the scheme. Upon people’s blessings, when the Goa TMC forms the government, the scheme will be implemented. Authorized Government officials will reach out to the beneficiaries based on the details provided now.

Yes, you may register for the scheme online. The website URL is www.grihalaxmicard.in